About Us

Our Company

Isaana Tax LLC was formed with the premise of providing tax services to individuals and businesses who are serious about managing their taxes and exploring ways to minimize their taxes through tax credits and deductions. Our business focused on meeting your needs without gimmicks and tricks, empty promises and offering services that you don’t need. The founders of Isaana Tax have been in your shoes and recognize the challenges of the US Tax system. To that end, we want to relieve our customers of the navigating the US Internal Revenue Code and provide a service that affords our clients the best service for the value.

Our company not only serves many clients across various tax scenarios, we also provide tax assistance to immigrants and non-resident aliens. We recognize the complexity of the tax code and labyrinth of forms, publications and websites. For a newcomer to America, this can be very intimidating and scary. As such, we offer tax services which will provide the proper advice and guidance to ensure compliance with federal and state laws as it relates to immigration and residency. Our team of CPAs and network of tax professionals are ready to provide you with a reliable service to serve your unique needs.

Isaana Tax is a firm which is based on trust and integrity. With many scandals and crimes committed in the tax industry, its difficult to find someone who you can trust and establish a long-lasting relationship with that has your financial interest at the forefront. Many companies focus on ‘getting you in the door’ with actors, free giveaways or empty promises but at Isaana Tax, we believe in building relationships and growing with you on your tax journey. As such, our motto “TRUST YOU CAN PLAN ON” is the essence of who we are. Our company is built on Trust, a strong immovable characteristic that can be relied upon and tested over time. We are also committed to our customers and as they grow in their financial lives, we want to be there every step of the way, a partner they can Plan On.

Meet Our Team

Isaana Tax LLC was founded in Fargo, North Dakota in 2013 and currently has a team based in Fargo and Peoria Illinois. Isaana Tax LLC has an extended team of tax professionals, Enrolled Agents and CPAs ready to serve its customers and provide exceptional services.

Our team also stays current with the evolving landscape of tax law through continuous education courses and special seminars and conferences. We specialize in non-profit organizations, international tax and high net worth individuals who require specialized tax services. Additionally, we offer tax compliance services for those in need of representation (Power of Attorney) for both federal and state tax liabilities, liens and levies.

The Isaana Tax Team